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Conference Registration Fees (All prices are in US $):  

Early Bird Registration is currently ongoing.

<To register and pay by Paypal/credit card, go to the bottom of this page to select product(s)>


Early Bird

  (currently ongoing)  


  Standard Rates  



 Regular Registration



 Student Registration



 Cyprus Resident Regular Registration



 Cyprus Resident Student Registration



 LADR and ADR Workshop Registration



 Accompanying Person Registration (A/P)



 A/P Tours

            Only for A/Ps. No extra charge

 Evening Welcome Reception



 Technical Tour



 Dinner Banquet



 Cultural Tour 1



 Cultural Tour 2



 Cultural Tour 3






 Registration without Paper

$895 $995

 Publishing without Attending (One Paper)



 Publishing without Attending (Two Papers)   



 Additional Paper (Beyond Two)



All prices in US $.
Regular, student and exhibitor registrations include conference lunch, coffee breaks, open-access conference proceedings, and attendance to the 2nd day dispute resolution workshop. The technical and cultural tour registration are extra for all registrants.
All students will be required to show a valid student ID at the conference registration desk.
Accompanying person (A/P) registration includes lunches, coffee breaks, reception, and A/P tours during the main conference (if held).
The minimum number of people is 3 for the A/P Tour.
The minimum number of people is 6 for each Cultural Tour and Technical Tour .
Authors (including co-authors) may submit up to TWO manuscripts for one registration fee; for each additional manuscript published an additional fee must be paid.
The ADR workshop is co-sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Cyprus); while the LADR Workshop is co-sponsored by the ASCE Construction Institute; The lunch and coffee breaks on August 4, 2020 are included in the registration price.


Return/Refund Policy (Dates relaxed on March 24, 2020)

Return/refund request received by 2 February 2020: 75%
Return/refund request received by 13 April 2020: 50%
Return/refund request received by 11 May 2020: 25%

No returns/refunds after 11 May 2020.

Anyone wishing to cancel the registration is now entitled to a 50% refund till April 13, provided they have one paper; if they have two papers, they will be entitled to a refund of their registration fee minus the cost of publishing two papers, and so on.

Those requesting a 75% refund will not have their manuscript published.

There will be no refund for the LADR and ADR workshop registration, owing to the special nature of that workshop, and the above return/refund policy does not apply to them.

There will be no refund for Publishing without Attending.
The Regular and Student Registrations cannot be changed for Publishing without Attending.


Payment Instructions

You can pay online using the Registration Options below, which will take you to the PayPal site. Paypal is operational in most, but not all, countries of the world. Should you be unable to find your country in the pull-down menus below, you may pay your registration fee by sending a bank draft or cashier's check, made payable to ISEC SOCIETY and drawn on a bank in the USA, to the following address:

Attn: ISEC Society
P.O. Box 1334
Fargo, ND 58107

Should you wish to pay by wire transfer, please first contact the ISEC Secretariat at for arrangements.

Payment may be made by international money order or travelers cheques made payable to ISEC Society. Payment may also be made using Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar. Kindly contact ISEC staff if you wish to use these options.

If you have submitted a manuscript for the conference, please be sure to enter all your manuscript number(s) and attendee's name in the registration form.


Payment Receipts

Print your receipt through Paypal after you have made payment and receive a confirmation message on your screen.

You will also receive a receipt to your email. 

Please keep the above two documents as proof of payment. In the interest of paper-less management and improved efficiency, ISEC Society will not issue additional receipts except under extenuating and extraordinary circumstances.

Please take this page in lieu of a pro-forma invoice to submit to your accounting office or organization; ISEC Society does not provide individual invoices.


*Conference may be canceled/changed due to uncertain or unforeseen circumstances.  Events, activities, and timetable are subject to change depending on the number of participants and changes/delays with subcontractors/vendors.


Select Product for EURO-MED-SEC-3 Registration

Please select which type of registration you would like.

Only one registration is allowed at one time. To add more (or different) registrations please click "Continue Shopping" at the bottom of your shopping cart.

If you have already registered and you are interested in participating in the conference activities, please select the "Conference Activities" product to register and pay for the following activities: Evening Welcome Reception, Dinner Banquet, Technical Tour, Cultural Tour 1, Cultural Tour 2, and Cultural Tour 3.

(All prices are in US $)


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Product DescriptionEarly BirdStandard
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Regular Registration $925.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Student Registration $845.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Cyprus Resident Regular Registration $645.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Cyprus Resident Student Registration $545.00
LADR and ADR Workshop Registration $195.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Accompanying Person $295.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Exhibitor $1,050.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Conference Activities, Dinner, and Tours
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Cultural Tour 1 $50.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Cultural Tour 2 $75.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Cultural Tour 3 $75.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Registration without Paper $995.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Publication without Attending (One Paper) $395.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Publication without Attending (Two Papers) $475.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Additional Paper (Beyond Two) $295.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Student Scholarship $25.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Make Up Fees $1.00
EURO-MED-SEC-3 Sponsorship (use in multiples of $100) $100.00