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Leipzig, Germany, June 20-25, 2022

Cultural and Networking Tours

EURO MED SEC 4 has arranged the following cultural tours:

Cultural Tour 1:

Walking Tour on the Leipzig Music Trail “Leipziger Notenspur”
with a visit to the Bachmuseum

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Leipzig has a unique density of original residential and working places of famous composers. There is musical history at virtually every corner – a brilliant musical past which laid the foundations for the vibrant musical present. The Leipzig Music Trail is a 5.1 km long trail which connects the most significant historic sites in the city centre. The list of other great musical names in Leipzig is long, stretching from Mendelssohn, the Schumanns and Wagner to Kurt Masur.

The Bachmuseum offers visitors many opportunities to become active themselves. The life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family are presented in an interactive and multimedia exhibition. A highlight of the new museum is the treasure chamber, in which original Bach manuscripts and other treasures are presented.

image of statue image of building

Price: $55

Duration: 3 hours (14:00 - 17:00)

Minimum Participants: 10 persons


  • English speaking guide for a 1.5 hours walking tour
  • Guided tour in English through the Bachmuseum

Cultural Tour 2:

From Leipzig to Wittenberg – Home of the Reformation

Friday, June 24, 2022

Almost everything in Wittenberg reminds us of Martin Luther. There is the Castle Church with the famous door to which Luther nailed his 95 Theses, and with the tombs of Luther and Melanchthon. There is the town church with the Cranach altar, there is Luther Hall, Melanchthon’s house, and the residential palace of the elector. All that has made Wittenberg world famous happened within just 20 years. The town's great story began in 1517 when Luther emerged with his 95 Theses, and it continued until 1546 when he was buried in the Castle Church. Shakespeare gave the town a place in world literature by having Hamlet study there. Visit the town known as the “Mother of the Reformation”, and set off on the trail of the movement which was born here and has changed the world.

image of building

Price: $215

Duration: 8 hours (09:00 - 17:00)

Minimum Participants: 10 persons


  • English speaking guide for a day trip to Wittenberg incl. walking tour
  • Coach for a day trip to Wittenberg
  • Visit of the luther house incl. admission
  • Admission for the visit of castle church
  • Lunch (main dish without beverage)

Cultural Tour 3:

Walking tour with Auerbachs Keller
“In the footsteps of Goethe and Faust”

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Take a stroll through the city center – there‘s plenty to explore ! Visit the marketplace with the Old City Hall, Barthels Hof, the Coffe Baum restaurant and coffe museum, St Thomas’s Church, Specks Hof arcade and St. Nicholas’s Church. Each place will help you discover more about the diverse traditions, personalities and history of Leipzig. The tour ends at the Mädlerpassage, which houses the legendary restaurant Auerbachs Keller tavern.

An entertaining tour "In the footsteps of Goethe and Faust" takes about 30 minutes through the historic wine bars and the large cellar. Afterwards the current dish of the day will be served in the large cellar and you will get the "sweet" Mephistotaler to take away.

image of statue image of building

Price: $72

Duration: 4 hours (09:30 - 13:00)

Minimum Participants: 10 persons


  • English speaking guide for a 2 hours walking tour from 09:30 – 11:30
  • Arrangement “In the footsteps of Goethe and Faust” incl. 30-minute tour through Auerbach's cellar, dish of the day without beverage, Mephistotaler from 11:30 – appr. 13:00


The prices quoted are valid for the minimum number of participants noted. If this number is not met, the tour can only take place at an adjusted participant price or will be canceled. We reserve the right to adjust prices.

A free cancellation of the entire booking is possible until 09 May 2022.

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