State-of-the-art Materials and Techniques in Structural Engineering and Construction
Leipzig, Germany, June 20-25, 2022

Technical Tour

Tour: Carbon-reinforced concrete - automated production process and first building worldwide

The participants get impressions on construction with the innovative material carbon-reinforced concrete. First stop is a precast concrete plant in Oschatz, a small town located between Leipzig and Dresden, where the automated production process is demonstrated. Afterwards, the site of the first carbon-reinforced concrete building, the so-called CUBE, will be visited in Dresden.

The tour is limited to 40 visitors. Shoes must be suitable for construction sides.

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2022

Price: $65

Minimum Participants: 12

Maximum Participants: 40

Registration should be made via the registration page through either the registration products or by using the EURO-MED-SEC-4 Conference Activities product.